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Bonnetier uses an innovative spinning system which is, in short, the true strength of each garment. This unique spinning system results in a product that is 15% stronger, 30% more elastic and 20% softer than traditional merino wool products.

The fabric used in Merino Bonnetier wool garments is highly breathable and does not retain odours. It adapts to body temperature by keeping it warm in cold weather and cool by wicking away moisture in hot weather.

No need to wash Merino Wool Bonnetier garments every time you wear them. The wool we use is self-cleaning, so unless you've spilled spaghetti sauce on your clothes, just hang them up to air overnight and the odors will be gone by morning.

A Bonnetier merino wool garment degrades in the environment in 9 months. So your sweater won't leave a trace behind you 100 years after you stopped wearing it.

Obviously, wool is a renewable material. It grows on merinos that live freely on huge lands, as they would have done a thousand years ago.


Respect for humans, animals and the earth is essential for us. Among other things, we guarantee that there is no harm done to animals and that the production process for fabrics and garments meets high ethical standards.


The Merinos collection is designed in Montreal and made by small local manufacturers. This proximity
stakeholders allows for the highest quality production while reducing the ecological footprint.

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