Stockings in the Christmas stocking.

Have you ever thought of giving stockings as a gift? People who buy Le Bonnetier stockings often do so with the intention of giving them as gifts. So we thought we'd give you some ideas on the best models to give your loved ones this Christmas.

1. The best bottom model for the extreme sportsman

Do you have a sibling who cycles or runs? Go ahead with the Merino wool sock . People who practice this type of sport are familiar with merino wool and appreciate it because it wicks away the moisture generated by the body during physical activity while retaining its warmth. By offering Merino wool socks, it is guaranteed that you will pass for a great connoisseur of socks!

2. The best stocking model for the nature lover

Is your family more of a winter sports fanatic like downhill skiing, snowboarding, skating or snowshoeing? Instead, opt for the insulated thermal stocking in pure wool , which ensures maximum warmth. It is a safe bet that will certainly please.

3. The gift in disguise

Your brother-in-law is the type to wear white stockings? Take the opportunity to give him a decent sock drawer by offering him black cotton stockings . It's a classic model that will allow him to regain his dignity and you will be doing him a great service...

I don't need to remind you that it's easy to give stockings as gifts, especially when you don't even have to go out to buy them, so go ahead and give stockings as gifts this Christmas.

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